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Orthodontics Melbourne

If your teeth are in the wrong position in your mouth, are crooked or have gaps between them, then we offer the latest developments in high-tech orthodontic treatment that can make your smile straighter.

Orthodontics has been around for a long time – it works by applying pressure to your teeth over time, which causes your teeth to move. Recent improvements in traditional braces have resulted in smaller, stronger, more efficient and less conspicuous brackets. Metal brackets are the most familiar, however, we also offer tooth-coloured ceramic brackets.

Braces are bonded brackets, arch wires and elastic bands that move crowded or spaced teeth into the proper position for appearance and function. Over a period of time, teeth will shift if constant, gentle pressure is applied. Brackets are bonded to the front surface of each tooth and wires are attached to the brackets with elastic bands. The slight tension on the wire is gently transferred to the bracket through the elastic band. Today’s orthodontic treatment is faster, comfortable and more fashionable than ever before for children, teens and adults.

To chat about the possibility of orthodontics and what it can achieve for your smile, please contact us for a free orthodontic consultation. This can be done by calling us directly on (03) 9544 1222 or by filling out the contact form on the right hand side of this page.